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Model scams

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Get your facts right!
There has been a lot of press, thank goodness, about model scams. That’s great. The only way to stop scams is by outing the people responsible for them and educating everyone about what a scam is.
Sadly though many people don’t take enough notice of the facts.
Now we are faced with a large number of ‘know it alls’ accusing every agency, every contest and every person they meet as being scammers.
So the modelling industry has to work for free now does it? Nobody can charge a fee for anything right? All photographers should work for the love of it and not earn a wage? Competitions should run for the good of their health and we all live happily ever after?
If you are going to accuse a business, agent, model or individual of being a scammer then please DO YOUR RESEARCH.

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In need of some beauty sleep?

EVERY MODEL needs sleep.

If you are busy working and under pressure to look your best, the last thing you need is an attack of insomnia the night before a job or casting. Dark circles and puffy eyes will not impress your post production re-touching team. Plus you want to feel your best, not just look it.

If mind spinning thoughts, general stress or aches and pains are preventing you from getting a good nights kip then what are your options?

Our editor Ruthie D not only works long hours, but has two small children, two dogs and a horse to manage on a daily basis. So climbing into bed at 1am when she can function no more is nothing short of exasperating when her body falls asleep but her mind remains in an awakened state akin to a ‘surprised faced emoticon’. Under pressure to actually fall asleep knowing the longer it takes the more tedious the day ahead will be is like a red rag to a bull for an active mind.

Reaching for a large gin or prescribed medication isn’t an option for her and neither is it advocated as being a healthy lifestyle choice for anyone. A ‘choice’ may be a bit of a harsh word for sleep deprived souls virtually begging for anything at all to knock them out, even for a couple of hours. WHAT CHOICE? We hear you! But long term we all know that additive chemicals or substances cannot be a positive addition to any lifestyle. Replacing one problem with another achieves the square root of zero!

So a natural remedy with no side effects working for Ruthie really would be a blessing for OH so many people!

After sending the boss home before the weekend with a box of ‘Rescue’ we all waited with bated breath this morning to find out the results.


She didn’t exactly cartwheel into the office or anything but the overall result was evident. Ruthie has had a weekend of proper sleep! And it shows.

Ruthie’s verdict.
“I’m thrilled. A herbal remedy that works, doesn’t drag into the following day by turning me into a zombie and I still get a proper kip. Fabulous. In fact if my meeting with the accountant fascinates me as it usually does I might just reach for it during that as well. Lol!”

Unless you know Ruthie, we can confirm that this is praise beyond praise. The straightest talking, no outward emotion displayed, zero tolerance zone Ruthie, rarely uses the words ‘thrilled’ or ‘fabulous’ in their genuine context. So it must be amazing!

A good nights sleep is a beauty must have before any other. So if you need a little help with that then why not try ‘Rescue night time melts’ and see if you get a beautiful nights sleep.

For more information,
please visit www.rescueremedy.co.uk.