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Ah yes, ridiculous email addresses. There is nothing more irritating than searching through your emails for a recent enquiry under the actual name of the person who sent it with not a chance of EVER finding it. But why? Surely searching for the actual HUMAN NAME OF A PERSON would be the most sensible way of quickly tracing a mail right? You are quite likely to find an email quickly that way aren’t you? Yes you are. And let’s face it, most busy working professionals may have the systems in place to file mails in an ‘easy to find again’ manner, but rarely do they have the time.

So, a model booker is sitting at at their work station with far too many things to do for the length of day given, and needs to instantly find an email a potential model sent them last week. But this is NOT going to happen if your email address is called something like, let’s say, “Pwiddyicklefing@ridiculous.com”

HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO FIND IT THEN PWIDDY.ICKLE.FING?End result… potential model signing = NO model signing.

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So, “pink&sparkly@highlyembarrassing.com”, what makes you think you would be suitable for the role advertised? I guess it would depend on the business, what role it was advertising etc. But for the world of modelling at a high level? Not a chance!

Seriously though, the modelling industry is a BUSINESS just like any other. Would you apply for any other job under the heading of “I’mthefitone@nobrainer.com”? Just because the modelling industry has a great deal of young people in it, looks like fun and is deemed as glamorous, does not mean that you are dealing with your friends at the end of an email. You are more likely to be communicating with a much older person, a professional, and someone who has the power to sign or NOT sign you. And one who will take one look at your ridiculous email address and either, dash to the bathroom as a response to their utter disgust, and / or delete it spontaneously.

model agent friend

Oh and incidentally, those who are in the business will know that the above statement ‘looks like fun…’ has a strong emphasis on the ‘looks like’. It can be fun of course, but it is hard work, requires dedication, commitment and self discipline to succeed. That and a huge number of other variables more appropriate for another blog at a later date.

So be professional. Keep your ‘ridiculous’ email address for personal use (if you must). But set up a professional email address, preferably using your ACTUAL name.

To be honest there aren’t even a great deal of your friends who will find your ridiculous email amusing either. Do yourself a favour and get rid!



Who decides what beautiful is?

With high profile models such as Heidi Klum hanging up her undies and quitting the catwalk at age 40, how old is acceptable to model?

In the industry as we know it lingerie modelling is generally reserved for the 18 – 24 year old model body. But should it be? What do you think?

Personally I find it inspiring to see women over the ‘expected age’ looking fabulous in their undies. And that isn’t simply down to the fact that I am in my forties. To me it shows that a healthy lifestyle, good food, exercise and the commitment to looking after your body is a choice that can only be positive. It also lets people know that these choices can last a lifetime, and indeed that kind of IS the point! To have a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean to be a size eight necessarily either. The emphasis is on the HEALTHY.

Heidi has been quoted as saying that she no longer feels ‘comfortable’ showcasing lingerie at the age of 40. Which is completely her choice of course. As a mother of four and an ‘all natural’ physique Heidi will continue in other genres of modelling, but feels the time is right for her to ditch the work involving itsy bitsy clothing. Fair enough. But what do we think the main reason for her decision really is? And why would she feel uncomfortable? She looks fantastic to me.

There has been a huge amount of press about the ‘rights and wrongs’ of how we are ‘supposed’ to look. As infuriating as it is, it all essentially boils down to this… NOBODY is happy with what they look like.

Too beautiful – hide it to prevent jealousy and resulting effects.
Too curvy – ooh, best cover up as apparently that’s not what people want to see.
Too thin – better put some clothes on or be accused of irresponsibly deeming the thinner frame as being acceptable.
So HOW EXACTLY is it acceptable to look then? If you can’t be too beautiful, too big, too small or too old? What does that leave us with? I tell you what. TOO GRUMPY.

It seems to me that no matter what, there will always be someone who complains about it. That’s what we are really dealing with here. A nation of complainers!

So what I say is this. Be happy in your own skin. Accept it if others are equally happy even if it doesn’t fit your personal view. It isn’t down to any one person, the media or any other avenue of historical blame. It’s down to ALL OF US to be kinder people. Stop slagging people off. Who are YOU anyway to decide what IS and what ISN’T gorgeous? Love yourself and you may find you begin to see the world a little differently.

Ruthie D
Every Model Magazine