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Model scams

Get your facts right!
There has been a lot of press, thank goodness, about model scams. That’s great. The only way to stop scams is by outing the people responsible for them and educating everyone about what a scam is.
Sadly though many people don’t take enough notice of the facts.
Now we are faced with a large number of ‘know it alls’ accusing every agency, every contest and every person they meet as being scammers.
So the modelling industry has to work for free now does it? Nobody can charge a fee for anything right? All photographers should work for the love of it and not earn a wage? Competitions should run for the good of their health and we all live happily ever after?
If you are going to accuse a business, agent, model or individual of being a scammer then please DO YOUR RESEARCH.
Charging a fee does not automatically mean something is a scam. Ask yourself this:
What is the fee for?
Have you researched the person or business asking for the fee? Because the only person responsible for this is YOU.
How much is the fee?
Are you a signed model or looking at breaking into the industry?
Have you been told by an industry professional you have model potential?

There are really so many variables involved in starting out in this business that it is vital that anyone wishing to pursue a career does as much research as possible first. This is the same for any career. If you do that PROPERLY then you won’t get scammed. You also won’t accuse the wrong people of being scammers either. And it really isn’t a good idea to upset the wrong people an the industry you want to work in!
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