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Bullied for being beautiful (Amy Willerton)

Seemingly the females in the jungle are finding it difficult to like Amy Willerton. And why? Because she is beautiful. How ridiculous!
With such dreadful assumptions and cruel accusations based on zero evidence and despicable bitchy comments, it would be forgiven if Amy was to crack under such pressure. But she hasn’t. A wonderfully calm and accurate comeback comment last night of , “I enter pageants full of young girls, and not once have I experienced bitchy behaviour like this”. Too true Amy. A little knowledge and a big portion of ignorance makes for a vile person. Keep strong in there and continue to maintain your dignity. You are supported and backed 100% by a huge number of people.
Silly, silly Annabel and her cock sure “I’m on to her” comment. What an awkward and embarrassingly inaccurate thing to say about another human being you know absolutely nothing about. And the same applies to ‘Mo’ and her oh so wise and cruel character assignation of Amy.
How is it that these women think it is acceptable to make such bold and bitchy statements? Is it because they feel insecure themselves? Irrelevant. Is it because they are in fact gifted at ‘working people out’ in a matter of nano seconds. Irrelevant and HIGHLY unlikely.
It’s cruel. Dated. Ridiculous. And downright bad manners.
Bitches of the jungle – if you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t say it at all! Chapter one, verse one, the gospel according to all good mums.