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Bank Stain

This post has got absolutely NOTHING to do with modelling. It is written by the Editor as the middle aged, annoyed with life, woman with an avenue to vent via her career, that she is.

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“Once again the BANKING system hasn’t failed to leave a nasty taste in my mouth today. In fact, not so much a nasty taste, more of a permanent STAIN.  Grr.

Not content with leaving me hanging on the telephone for over an hour, giving me false hope at the possibility of literally THOUSANDS of options. Surely one will help me? Nope, not one option applicable to me. Where is the ‘SPEAK TO AN ACTUAL PERSON’ option we all want? In fact, the ONLY option any of us want. And no, we don’t care how much that costs the BANKERS. Not one bit.

I set up my bank account over 30 years ago with a small birthday present of £2 given to me by my late Grandmother. My particular bank of choice was the one a ten year old girl would clearly opt for with a love of horses. And what other reason at the time should there be?

So I continued with this account, making no defaults, owing no funds, always keeping it up to date and within the parameters allowed at any time. I earned various benefits as a result of my flawless behaviour. And this was much appreciated. But in 2014 to say thanks for being such a long serving and loyal customer they changed my account to another bank. Cheers. Perhaps asking me first would have been a good idea? The first I knew of it was the change from ‘green’ to ‘blue’ on my internet banking screen. Everything else stayed the same, therein creating some confusion about the enormity of the situation. Apparently everyone in my ‘postcode’ got ‘automatically switched’ to the change of bank during a corporate take-over. How special that makes me feel. To be ‘automatically switched as a result of my postcode’. So intimate. So deeply personal. SO BLOODY INCONVENIENT. My POSTCODE doesn’t provide this change of bank within a reasonable geographic distance for me. Who did the postal code homework? Han Solo?

My unrequested, currently very much unwanted bank have subsequently argued that they wrote to tell me about this. Well I’m sure they probably did. But as a working mum of two small children also running a business, when do I have time to read what is immediately identifiable as ‘junk’ mail from my bank? I work from home. I receive a lot of mail. I don’t have time to open what appears to be marketing drivvel. I do everything online.  Largely because unless I visit a branch I can’t do anything any other way anymore. Ok, so hands up. I should have read my mail. But surely there is an option open to a loyal customer to resolve this? 

Well there is… just not a satisfactory one!

To switch back to my original bank, I would lose all my account benefits. My bank. The one I chose at the age of ten, with my beloved Grandmother. The one I have not only a financial interest in but a sentimental attachment to. I now stand to lose my insurances, account benefits, my overdraft facility. Everything. Even the account number I have imprinted on my brain after being a customer for so long. I don’t even get to keep that. I have to set up a new bank account in order to be back with my bank. What? The one I had in the first place. You see they don’t offer the benefits I have, on my account, that belongs to me, to new customers. BUT I HAVE BEEN YOUR CUSTOMER FOR THIRTY YEARS!

Set up a standing order. Ok easy. The bank will ring to confirm you are making this transaction. Please key in the code. Great. Well ring then. Hello? Why are you not ringing my phone? Sorry but we couldn’t connect to your telephone number which is completely accurate and there is no explainable reason, but anyway we can’t. Please ring this number to continue.

Sorry we can’t help you because even though you have answered every security question on the planet relating to your account that even the BANK don’t know the answers to, we can’t help you because you haven’t received the magic security number through the post we claim to have sent you a year ago.


I just want to set up a standing order. To pay someone. On a regular basis. Using my money. From my bank account. That I own. That I pay the bank for. Why is this so BLOODY DIFFICULT?

“You will have to visit your local branch in order to continue with this now as the banking system has ‘locked you out’.”

SUPER! My ‘local bank’ is over 30 miles away. I have LOADS of spare time available to go on a jolly to my ‘LOCAL BANK’ to sort out something that BELONGS TO ME that I AM NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT because I don’t have a poxy SECURITY NUMBER.

I have spent over a week dealing with the setting up of a direct debit for TEN POUNDS A MONTH. An entire week of my life, I will never get back. And all because the BANKING system will not acknowledge me as a human being.

Is it any wonder we are in the financial crisis that we are with such customer UNfriendly services and unacceptably time consuming procedures just to ACCESS OUR OWN INFORMATION.

Oh yes identity theft. Right. And other CRIMINAL activity. That’s why these security measures are in place. SUPER. So even though I am not a criminal, pay my taxes, abide by the law, work my arse off, pay my bills, live honestly and with integrity… I ultimately am the one to suffer.

Well cheers to everyone who has put the many good people in this and many similar frustrating situations. Cheers and thanks a lot. I tell you what might help though. If in the AUTOMATED BANKING system  the following option is provided:

‘To speak to an ACTUAL HUMAN BEING, please say FOR F**** SAKE’ or key in ‘FOR F**** SAKE’ after the tone. That would help. That I think would enable the majority of banking customers to save time, money and believe they are actually getting a service they are paying for.”

#justanidea #bankstain #bank


Happy birthday to Kate Moss

A 26 year hugely successful career in modelling Kate Moss turns 40 today. Happy birthday Kate from all of us at Every Model Magazine.
Whilst the media appears to be questioning whether at ‘her age’ she has still ‘got it’ or not we don’t think that this is in question!
Kate has recently fronted campaigns by Versace and Rimmel. She is said to be is the fourth highest-paid model in the world, according to Forbes, earning $5.7 million, (4.2 million euros) between June 2012 and June 2013.
Behind the cameras, she will be making her debut as contributing fashion editor at British Vogue, and in April will launch a new collaboration with high-street fashion powerhouse Topshop.

Happy birthday and keep doing what makes you happy.

Love, Every Model Mag x






Is modelling too tough?

Top model Daria Werbowy has been quoted as quitting the profession because she ‘physically and mentally couldn’t handle it’ anymore.

Do all models feel like this? Is it really a hard graft? Well those in the know will all tell you that it certainly isn’t all glitz, glam and chauffeur driven limos for sure. But a sensible schedule coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle would be deemed as no more taxing than most other jobs. But maybe if you add ‘celebrity status’ into that equation then it could end up being way too much to handle.

Daria Werbowy told The Telegraph that the “reality of the [modelling] industry and the ephemeral nature of beauty and fame” gave her a certain distance from the world she works in.

Daria Werbowy, who modelled for Mango was considered one of the top 10 highest-paid models of 2013 goes on to say, “I decided to do the minimal amount that I could get away with, because I physically and mentally couldn’t do any more”.
“It’s like, you have everything you want, what you dreamt of is coming true, you can’t buy anything else to make you happy, so then you think, Well, what else is there? And you have to leave.”
It was turning 30 when something shifted for the model who first entered the industry at 14. “I was so relieved. I was like, I can do and say and be whatever I want now-because I’m 30. There was a lot of surrendering.”

The model is now taking time out to enjoy the fruits of her labour, as she is hailed as the ‘world’s hottest supermodel’ on the February cover of US Harper’s Bazaar.
After that, Werbowy will be back to her carpenter boyfriend and Ashtanga yoga lifestyle – “I’m addicted. I stopped drinking, so this is the way life goes” – in rural Ireland.


Model Lily Cole’s gift of giving

There is never a better time of year to embrace the concept of giving to others. Most of us understand how rewarding this is but how many of us regularly ‘give’ to others and shouldn’t we all do a little bit more of it? Giving without agenda sadly does not appear to be something many of us see day to day. If we had a few more genuine good deeds how much would that add to our lives? It’s not even about the gift given more the very fact that someone else is prepared to give it, and with nothing in return.

Model Lily Cole has created a fabulous social networking App / Website, designed to bring people together and embrace the concept of giving. By posting wishes or offers of gifts on the app, much like you would post a Facebook or twitter status, you too could be part of this giving community.

Clearly the App is monitored so obvious idiots don’t get to post anything other than wishes and gifts worthy of the genuine concept. It does have it’s limitations and offers or ‘wishes’ included on the site cannot be monetary based, violent or sexual.

The idea is to offer or wish for anything you can give or would like to receive for free in your area. The clever App teams you up with your local community and brings people together.

For example you could offer a free service such as a haircut if you are a hairdresser or a manicure if you are a beauty technician. Or you could wish for something and see if a local person is able to offer you it.

To visit the website and be part of this fabulous online giving community click HERE


Model scams

Everymodelmag Blog

Get your facts right!
There has been a lot of press, thank goodness, about model scams. That’s great. The only way to stop scams is by outing the people responsible for them and educating everyone about what a scam is.
Sadly though many people don’t take enough notice of the facts.
Now we are faced with a large number of ‘know it alls’ accusing every agency, every contest and every person they meet as being scammers.
So the modelling industry has to work for free now does it? Nobody can charge a fee for anything right? All photographers should work for the love of it and not earn a wage? Competitions should run for the good of their health and we all live happily ever after?
If you are going to accuse a business, agent, model or individual of being a scammer then please DO YOUR RESEARCH.

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In need of some beauty sleep?

EVERY MODEL needs sleep.

If you are busy working and under pressure to look your best, the last thing you need is an attack of insomnia the night before a job or casting. Dark circles and puffy eyes will not impress your post production re-touching team. Plus you want to feel your best, not just look it.

If mind spinning thoughts, general stress or aches and pains are preventing you from getting a good nights kip then what are your options?

Our editor Ruthie D not only works long hours, but has two small children, two dogs and a horse to manage on a daily basis. So climbing into bed at 1am when she can function no more is nothing short of exasperating when her body falls asleep but her mind remains in an awakened state akin to a ‘surprised faced emoticon’. Under pressure to actually fall asleep knowing the longer it takes the more tedious the day ahead will be is like a red rag to a bull for an active mind.

Reaching for a large gin or prescribed medication isn’t an option for her and neither is it advocated as being a healthy lifestyle choice for anyone. A ‘choice’ may be a bit of a harsh word for sleep deprived souls virtually begging for anything at all to knock them out, even for a couple of hours. WHAT CHOICE? We hear you! But long term we all know that additive chemicals or substances cannot be a positive addition to any lifestyle. Replacing one problem with another achieves the square root of zero!

So a natural remedy with no side effects working for Ruthie really would be a blessing for OH so many people!

After sending the boss home before the weekend with a box of ‘Rescue’ we all waited with bated breath this morning to find out the results.


She didn’t exactly cartwheel into the office or anything but the overall result was evident. Ruthie has had a weekend of proper sleep! And it shows.

Ruthie’s verdict.
“I’m thrilled. A herbal remedy that works, doesn’t drag into the following day by turning me into a zombie and I still get a proper kip. Fabulous. In fact if my meeting with the accountant fascinates me as it usually does I might just reach for it during that as well. Lol!”

Unless you know Ruthie, we can confirm that this is praise beyond praise. The straightest talking, no outward emotion displayed, zero tolerance zone Ruthie, rarely uses the words ‘thrilled’ or ‘fabulous’ in their genuine context. So it must be amazing!

A good nights sleep is a beauty must have before any other. So if you need a little help with that then why not try ‘Rescue night time melts’ and see if you get a beautiful nights sleep.

For more information,
please visit www.rescueremedy.co.uk.


Model scams

Get your facts right!
There has been a lot of press, thank goodness, about model scams. That’s great. The only way to stop scams is by outing the people responsible for them and educating everyone about what a scam is.
Sadly though many people don’t take enough notice of the facts.
Now we are faced with a large number of ‘know it alls’ accusing every agency, every contest and every person they meet as being scammers.
So the modelling industry has to work for free now does it? Nobody can charge a fee for anything right? All photographers should work for the love of it and not earn a wage? Competitions should run for the good of their health and we all live happily ever after?
If you are going to accuse a business, agent, model or individual of being a scammer then please DO YOUR RESEARCH.
Charging a fee does not automatically mean something is a scam. Ask yourself this:
What is the fee for?
Have you researched the person or business asking for the fee? Because the only person responsible for this is YOU.
How much is the fee?
Are you a signed model or looking at breaking into the industry?
Have you been told by an industry professional you have model potential?

There are really so many variables involved in starting out in this business that it is vital that anyone wishing to pursue a career does as much research as possible first. This is the same for any career. If you do that PROPERLY then you won’t get scammed. You also won’t accuse the wrong people of being scammers either. And it really isn’t a good idea to upset the wrong people an the industry you want to work in!
For more information and details about modelling check out our website at www.everymodelmagazine.co.uk


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Ah yes, ridiculous email addresses. There is nothing more irritating than searching through your emails for a recent enquiry under the actual name of the person who sent it with not a chance of EVER finding it. But why? Surely searching for the actual HUMAN NAME OF A PERSON would be the most sensible way of quickly tracing a mail right? You are quite likely to find an email quickly that way aren’t you? Yes you are. And let’s face it, most busy working professionals may have the systems in place to file mails in an ‘easy to find again’ manner, but rarely do they have the time.

So, a model booker is sitting at at their work station with far too many things to do for the length of day given, and needs to instantly find an email a potential model sent them last week. But this is NOT going to happen if your email address is called something like, let’s say, “Pwiddyicklefing@ridiculous.com”

HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO FIND IT THEN PWIDDY.ICKLE.FING?End result… potential model signing = NO model signing.

867122_85286281 copy

So, “pink&sparkly@highlyembarrassing.com”, what makes you think you would be suitable for the role advertised? I guess it would depend on the business, what role it was advertising etc. But for the world of modelling at a high level? Not a chance!

Seriously though, the modelling industry is a BUSINESS just like any other. Would you apply for any other job under the heading of “I’mthefitone@nobrainer.com”? Just because the modelling industry has a great deal of young people in it, looks like fun and is deemed as glamorous, does not mean that you are dealing with your friends at the end of an email. You are more likely to be communicating with a much older person, a professional, and someone who has the power to sign or NOT sign you. And one who will take one look at your ridiculous email address and either, dash to the bathroom as a response to their utter disgust, and / or delete it spontaneously.

model agent friend

Oh and incidentally, those who are in the business will know that the above statement ‘looks like fun…’ has a strong emphasis on the ‘looks like’. It can be fun of course, but it is hard work, requires dedication, commitment and self discipline to succeed. That and a huge number of other variables more appropriate for another blog at a later date.

So be professional. Keep your ‘ridiculous’ email address for personal use (if you must). But set up a professional email address, preferably using your ACTUAL name.

To be honest there aren’t even a great deal of your friends who will find your ridiculous email amusing either. Do yourself a favour and get rid!



Who decides what beautiful is?

With high profile models such as Heidi Klum hanging up her undies and quitting the catwalk at age 40, how old is acceptable to model?

In the industry as we know it lingerie modelling is generally reserved for the 18 – 24 year old model body. But should it be? What do you think?

Personally I find it inspiring to see women over the ‘expected age’ looking fabulous in their undies. And that isn’t simply down to the fact that I am in my forties. To me it shows that a healthy lifestyle, good food, exercise and the commitment to looking after your body is a choice that can only be positive. It also lets people know that these choices can last a lifetime, and indeed that kind of IS the point! To have a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean to be a size eight necessarily either. The emphasis is on the HEALTHY.

Heidi has been quoted as saying that she no longer feels ‘comfortable’ showcasing lingerie at the age of 40. Which is completely her choice of course. As a mother of four and an ‘all natural’ physique Heidi will continue in other genres of modelling, but feels the time is right for her to ditch the work involving itsy bitsy clothing. Fair enough. But what do we think the main reason for her decision really is? And why would she feel uncomfortable? She looks fantastic to me.

There has been a huge amount of press about the ‘rights and wrongs’ of how we are ‘supposed’ to look. As infuriating as it is, it all essentially boils down to this… NOBODY is happy with what they look like.

Too beautiful – hide it to prevent jealousy and resulting effects.
Too curvy – ooh, best cover up as apparently that’s not what people want to see.
Too thin – better put some clothes on or be accused of irresponsibly deeming the thinner frame as being acceptable.
So HOW EXACTLY is it acceptable to look then? If you can’t be too beautiful, too big, too small or too old? What does that leave us with? I tell you what. TOO GRUMPY.

It seems to me that no matter what, there will always be someone who complains about it. That’s what we are really dealing with here. A nation of complainers!

So what I say is this. Be happy in your own skin. Accept it if others are equally happy even if it doesn’t fit your personal view. It isn’t down to any one person, the media or any other avenue of historical blame. It’s down to ALL OF US to be kinder people. Stop slagging people off. Who are YOU anyway to decide what IS and what ISN’T gorgeous? Love yourself and you may find you begin to see the world a little differently.

Ruthie D
Every Model Magazine