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Model Lily Cole’s gift of giving

There is never a better time of year to embrace the concept of giving to others. Most of us understand how rewarding this is but how many of us regularly ‘give’ to others and shouldn’t we all do a little bit more of it? Giving without agenda sadly does not appear to be something many of us see day to day. If we had a few more genuine good deeds how much would that add to our lives? It’s not even about the gift given more the very fact that someone else is prepared to give it, and with nothing in return.

Model Lily Cole has created a fabulous social networking App / Website, designed to bring people together and embrace the concept of giving. By posting wishes or offers of gifts on the app, much like you would post a Facebook or twitter status, you too could be part of this giving community.

Clearly the App is monitored so obvious idiots don’t get to post anything other than wishes and gifts worthy of the genuine concept. It does have it’s limitations and offers or ‘wishes’ included on the site cannot be monetary based, violent or sexual.

The idea is to offer or wish for anything you can give or would like to receive for free in your area. The clever App teams you up with your local community and brings people together.

For example you could offer a free service such as a haircut if you are a hairdresser or a manicure if you are a beauty technician. Or you could wish for something and see if a local person is able to offer you it.

To visit the website and be part of this fabulous online giving community click HERE