A models choice? They don’t know they’re born!

Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger has gone back to her modelling roots by signing a contract with IMG Models aged 60 joining her 18-year-old daughter, Ireland Baldwin, on the established agency’s books.

Basinger’s modelling potential was first spotted in 1969 when she was just 16 and a contestant in a local beauty pageant by Ford Models co-founder Eileen Ford. At first she declined their offer of a contract and instead enrolled at the University of Georgia, only to reconsider months later, leave university and move to New York to begin modelling professionally.

She stopped modelling in 1976 after becoming frustrated with the industry and decided to concentrate on her acting career, moving to Los Angeles and taking acting workshops.

“It was very hard to go from one booking to another and always have to deal with the way I looked. I couldn’t stand it. I felt myself choking,” she has previously said of the job.

A statement made by many a professional working model. It can be draining having to constantly make sure every inch of you is in peak condition. Most people will consider it a choice and not one to be moaned about once made.

But is it a choice? What if the average working model only chooses this because they have, or indeed think they have no other avenue or career path available to them that would provide them with the same level of income? That said, could it ever be considered a hardship?

The old expression ‘some people don’t know they are born’ springs to mind. But what does that mean? Is it just a cover up for good old fashioned jealousy? The expression has many a theory behind it’s meaning. But for the most part it seems to be agreed that it predominantly means that the person accused has something of greater value than their awareness of it. And that said, this equally being a common opinion of those who model, by those who don’t.

Whilst it is a fabulous career and indeed somewhat of an accolade if successful, nothing is just given. We may well be born with looks to achieve it. But that does not necessarily come with the desire to. Equally we may not have the right look and want such a career more than anything else. Or is this simply a case of the grass being greener?


Too much moaning and complaining makes for continued column inches. Everyone moans. We all complain. Nothing is ever going to be ‘fair’ or ‘perfect’. Because if it were, we would all live a life of boredom with no reason for conversation, competition, aspiration or progression.

To those who think Kim is too old to model or wrong to complain about the low points of her career – focus on your own life, identify your own weaknesses and fix those. Leave Kim to sort her own life out any which way she chooses.

To those who don’t believe that beauty pageants are a platform for success in a variety of careers – please read the above.

To those who know nothing about the modelling, beauty or fashion business but claim to be industry experts regardless – 😐

Lots of love from,

Every Model Mag


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