Bullying Amy Willerton – unacceptable behaviour

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So last night we saw Amy do her very best to attempt to create a calmer atmosphere in camp on I’m a Celeb, despite the situation created being no fault of her own. This is typical behaviour from a victim of bullying. A bullied individual will attempt to create peace even when not at fault. Largely out of fear and intimidation.

There is a great article released today in The Daily Star. Take a look online. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz-tv/im-a-celebrity-get-me-out-of-here/353844/I-m-a-Celebrity-Lucy-Pargeter-out-to-get-jungle-beauty-Amy-Willerton

More support is needed for victims of bullying. Anyone can be a victim and so many people are. It simply isn’t acceptable to be insulting, vindictive or behave in a bullying manner towards anyone.

Do people actually think that if someone is aesthetically beautiful that somehow they have less or no feelings?

It is widely recognised that it is unacceptable to be rude about a persons appearance. It is therefore surely equally unacceptable…

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One thought on “Bullying Amy Willerton – unacceptable behaviour”

  1. This is so right! The behaviour in the jungle towards Amy is ridiculous! Nothing but nasty bullys that have nothing else better to do than pick on someone that is absoloutley lovely inside and out because, they are jealous? Even so it doesnt give anybody a right to treat an innocent person in such a way! A victim of bullying and still trying to bring peace between herself and camp mates, i say Amy All The way!! GO AMY 🙂 x

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